Bay Area kind of day

In the midst of getting ready for our big move to Idaho, we spent last weekend enjoying perfect North Bay Area weather and savoring sunshine, good food, nature and capturing our smiles.

Sunday was perfect in so many ways. Lazy morning with cartoons for the girls and slow coffee for papa and mama. Maya loves to help on the kitchen, so she milled the coffee beans in the vintage coffee grinder and was covered with coffee literally from top to toe.

I prepared a soup and tabbouleh salad for lunch at home. It was our last lunch all together at this house, so I really wanted to remember it. My husband has a tradition of giving thanks when we sit at the table. We give thanks to each member of the family for any small things, like serving food, being in a good mood, helping around, we try to remember any positive detail and being grateful for it.

Later we were driving around, catching last rays of sun, exploring barns and old cars, visiting thrift and antique stores. An evening spent in Petaluma was a perfect wrap up of the day. Walk at Victorian houses district, coffee at Acre Coffee and dinner at Wild Goat bistro. 

It is definitely what I call living authentic, I hope we can take this with us to Idaho and continue to enjoy life at its fullest.