Shoshone Falls

Before our trip to Italy we continued exploring local attractions. Well, actually we wanted to take my mom out somewhere before getting locked up in the house with my two little wild spirits for almost two weeks while my husband and I traveled.

So we headed to Twin Falls, a city within a 1.5 hour drive from Pocatello. Every time we go there we stop for lunch at a place called Elevation 486. It is located on the top of the Snake River canyon and the views are nothing but amazing. So it was our first stop. Good food, some beer for my mom and huckleberry ice cream for dessert. Yum! We discovered this ice-cream flavor at the Yellowstone Bear Park and I learned that huckleberry is the official state fruit of Idaho. Before that I only had one association with that berry - Huckleberry Finn from Mark Twain's novel.

So after a nice lunch we headed to Shoshone Falls, which is a short 20 minute drive from Twin Falls. We couldn't spend too much time there because the girls were getting tired and it was obvious that they needed a nap ASAP. So we headed back home.

Everything was great until… suddenly… we heard a weird sound in the car and realized that we were out of gas! Pretty much in the middle of nowhere… Still in about 20-30 minute drive to Pocatello and closest gas station. While we were waiting for my husbands friend (thank you, universe for great people, willing to help you even on weekend!) on the heat without A/C, I was trying to remember how many times in my life I had ran out of gas. Probably too many. It was always my dad, my hero, driving across the city with a gas can no matter day or night. 

Good thing we finally made it home, exhausted, but safe. And here is some proof that the trip was pretty awesome and we enjoyed it anyway: