Goodbuy Summer 2014

Despite the weather (it was in mid 90s today, which is pretty hot for this area) October is here and we start having an autumn mood. The sky seems deeper, air thicker and clouds closer. You know that feeling that next season is just around corner. There is always a month of fall anticipation, as it is hard to adjust quickly from season to season and there should be a transitional month (depending on the area you live at). Here that month is October.

This summer was a whirlwind of new adventures for us, we moved to a different area, girls hit their growth spurts and seem to be so big now. We had so many exiting moments that I almost feel that it is time to slow down and step into autumn in a bit slower pace. 

So on this chilly evening I decided to gran a cup of hot chocolate and look through our summer photos to farewell the season and greet fall.  I also decided to add a track to set you in a right mood.

We spent so much time in parks after our move, that I still pinching myself. I can't believe that the weather can be so perfect all the time!! We took a small trip to gorjeos windy Point Reyes. We spent so many hours in local cafés (Cotati downtown is just in a short 10-minute walk from our house). Of couse trips to the ocean, with friends and without. Girls adore playing in the sand and I find it very relaxing to my soul. And I'm pretty sure that there wasn't a day when we didn't spend several hours at our backyard.

Goodbye summer of 2014! Well, hello there, fall!