Healdsburg, CA

My mom is visiting us and this time, me and my husband decided to spend as much time as possible together, you know, without kids. He is traveling a lot lately, so we are sneaking away at every possible moment during the weekends to have some "us" time. 

I miss being with him, talking without girls interrupting (all the time), having slow walks together holding hands, and simple having adult conversations (finally not about "Frozen", yay!). Your life changes a lot after you had kids, there are so many positive changes, but part of me misses "our" time with my man. 

This Sunday we spent morning with girls and my mom at Sebastopol. We went to the farmers market, had coffee at local coffee shop Taylor Made Farms at Barlow. By the way, if you are in this area, I highly recommend to visit this place in Sebastopol.

And later that day, me and my husband went for some window shopping at local antique stores and then headed to Healdsburg. It's a super cute little town 30 minutes away from the place we live. We noticed a handful of tourists on the streets, I suppose they stay there while being on wine tasting tours. I personally think it's a paradise for food and wine lovers with an atmosphere of coziness.

Once we came to Healdsburg it was sunset already and light on the streets was gorjeos, so I made my husband pose for me (as I always do). We were walking around the town and I really enjoyed capturing its details. Usually with girls around I have no time even to look around, so it was a real pleasure and good food to my soul. We found a chute ice cream shoppe and then headed for dinner. We headed to SHED for dinner and I loved everything about this place. It's a mix of shop, cafe, market. I wanted to buy pretty much everything there, you can find more information about this awesome place here: SHED ;)

So here are some snaps from this weekend, hope you enjoy as much as we did ;)