Baby G

I had a privilege to photograph a baby of our friends during our Christmas trip to Mexico and would like to share some of the photos on my blog.

Newborn sessions are one of my favorites, but oh, how time consuming they are! Especially the post-processing part. However I can't describe what it feels like to work with a tiny baby. They smell heavenly and every time I hold a newborn I remember how small my own girls were and it almost brings tears to my eyes. Every single time! 

Baby G is a true blessing for her family. They went through so many struggles on the way to have her. And I have such a deep respect for her mom, for whom this journey was not easy as for many other women. I'm so happy that this precious, perfectly healthy baby is a part of their family and the only thing I wish to her parents is to enjoy every single day with her (despite the sleep deprivation) because babies do grow too fast.