Dev & Mila | Pocatello family photographer

Little Dev was almost two weeks old when I received a message from his mom and was asked to document his first days as soon as possible. I am so glad I was able to accommodate this newborn session in my schedule, because this is one of my favorite recent sessions for sure! 

I'm obsessed with the colors that I've chosen for this session and so happy that the family liked them too. It make me very happy when my client and I "click" in terms of photo session style and colors, it makes my work a little bit easier. A little bit, because still I am spending hours and hours at post-processing and often till late night when my girls are in a very deep sleep and I can focus on my work.

I was fascinated by the quote Dev's mom posted on her Facebook page and wanted to make blue color and moon theme a base for the session (the basket photos resemble a moon at the blue sky). I also used a technique that makes baby look like he is still in the womb, usually babies are asleep at those photos, but Dev was wide awake at that point and I've got gorgeous photos with his opened eyes. Definitely my favorite from the session.

And of course I could not pass on taking several photos of Dev's big sister Mila, who was a bit of a challenge as any two year old active toddler. But I am truly in love with how the photos turned out.

And here is a quote I'm telling you about:

The night before you were born the blue moon smiled with such wonder that the stars peeked in to see you and the night wind whispered… "Life will never be the same"