Lake Tahoe trip | California 2014

This week is going to be very relaxed for me, at least this is what I plan for myself. So my goal is to go through some photo folders on my mac that I haven't touched before. For last couple of months I was so overwhelmed by my housework, that I wasn't able to concentrate on photography. And after I put it on pause I lost all inspiration, I had zero desire in taking and editing photos. Especially editing. I tried to sit down and edit some, but I hated the result so I gave up for a while. Last week I felt like my creative juices were coming back and I was right. I finally was able to shoot again and be happy with the result.

I'm very curious how people who's work fully depends on their creativity and inspiration deal with those situations. Do they still force themselves to create (didn't work out for me, because the result was not satisfactory)? Do they take a break? What are their tools to get things back on track? If you have any idea how does this work, send me a comment, I would like to have some tips for the future.

So… In November 2014 we went to Lake Tahoe, to spend Thanksgiving actually. Note to self: traveling to such places on holidays not a good idea, it was packed. And I hate crowds. There is probably nothing worse for me than being in a crowded place. So first night we went for a pizza to a closest place, there were so many people, loud music, simply too much of everything. So next day we took a one hour drive North, went up to the mountains and finally were able to relax. 

My friend later explained me where are the places that are worth visiting, it's a pity we haven't seen it all, but it turned out as a pretty good weekend trip anyway.

The weather was a bit crazy, no snow yet, but very humid and chilly. The Lake was getting ready to receive that first snow which we saw coming on our way back.

Here are some photos I'd like to share with you, and actually (as usually) not much editing here, so believe me, the Lake is gorgeous!