Animal Music at Wind Rush Farm

There are three topics I could talk about forever: kids, photography and animals. This year I had a great experience to talk about all of my favorite topics and listen to some cute music while watching my babies dancing and singing. My heart was full, my soul was at peace. Every week I'm waiting for Thursday like a little kid waiting for Christmas, because every Thursday we have a music class at Wind Rush Farm

Besides the fact that singing under the old oak or inside an old barn is already brings so much joy, we got to meet and iterate with so many farm animals. Gils are ecstatic when they hear the phrase " let's go singing at the farm". Lamas, alpacas, sheep, goats, cow Daisy, fish pond and farm cats (and a dog) made our trips to the Wind Rush unforgettable. Just one hour of a class but it always feels like time freezes and there are so many emotions that you stay with you and you bring them home.

I love that people passionate about something can pass the energy of that passion to others, and this is exactly what is happening there. Just a pure blast of positive vibes. I wish I could find something similar at our new place, but I'm pretty sure that this is a very unique place and very special team of people who made it happen.

Next Thursday is our last class (and last class of this year) and I'm a bit sad. Today I'm just thankful that we got to experience this and I hope my kids will cherish these memories. Classes start again in February, but we won't be here…

This is what I want to remember and there is a song by Animal Music creators, which we sing at the end of each class: