Small party for our Birthday girl | Pocatello ID

We don't do birthday parties for kids until they can really understand what is going on and want to invite some friends (and this usually happens at the 3rd birthday). So we celebrated Sofia's second birthday at home, just four of us (and couple of dogs). I bought a carrot cake and the candles which light up again and again (and again until you can't breath and blow any more). I decided to set up a table outside and it was a wise decision, because those darn candles make so much smoke that fire alarm would definitely turn on. The weather was gorgeous and we truly enjoyed the first warm sunset. Everything was telling us that spring is here and it was a beautiful addition to our small celebration.

The photos can get you confused, because it looks like Maya had a birthday that day LOL

Well, she was so exited for her little sister that she decided to help her in everything, literally. And Sofia actually was more interested in playing with dogs at the backyard than in blowing off the candles. That is exactly why I don't do any parties at this age, she simply didn't care about it at all.

So here are some of my favorite captures of the event ;)