Searching for a new home

If someone would have told me 5 years ago how many houses I would live at in the next 5 years, I would not believe it. Never ever. 

We are moving. Again. :)

This will be my 7th home since I left Russia in 2008. And 5th house here in States. And  you know what? I consider it as new adventure for our family. This time our destiny takes us to Idaho. I surely will miss California, I got used to its perfect warm weather. And living at North Bay Area for several months absolutely spoiled me. But I'm looking forward to see all four seasons and girls play with snow.

Moving with kids is not easy as I have to look for a new preschool for Maya, searching for moms group to join, getting used to new place and people, decorating new house from scratch. I actually became quite good at these things, so moving to a new place does not scare me any more, it's just a lot of work and it has to be done.  

This time is a bit different though, because we are moving to a place, where winters do exist and we have to be prepared for such a climate change. I could only imagine that winter gear is a huge separate world and it seems so new to me even though I lived in Russia for the most of my life. I simply forgot how hard it is to put all your winter clothes on every time you go out.

So couple of weeks ago I travelled with my husband to Pocatello,ID and searched for our next home. And I was lucky enough to experience a real winter storm. I was freezing outside and now I spend most of the time online searching for warm winter boots and jackets. The town is located in a area called high land desert. There are many hills and it looks pretty and so different from my usual views here in Cali. Locals call the town Poky and it seems that people are very sweet there.

We are looking forward to our new adventure and seems that we are leaving in January. Right into the wild winter ;) Here enjoy some winter wonderland with me: